Phelps Vs. Jaws! It's On!

Just when you thought it was safe for Michael Phelps to go back in the water...

...the legendary Olympic swimmer will face a Great White shark soon in a race for Discovery's Shark Week!

Apparently, both Phelps and the shark swam in the same, open water for this aquatic dream-match of a lifetime!

They weren't side-by-side, however, as there were 15 divers to ensure of the participants wouldn't get eaten!

Also, as an extra safety precaution, Chief Brody and Quint were standing by and ready to blow up the shark if he got too frisky.  OK...fine...I made this part up.

This looks awesome!  Check out the trailer!  PS - I've got my money on Jaws...because...well...he's a GREAT WHITE SHARK!

- East Side Dave