What Was Going On In A-Rod's Notebook Last Night?

So...here's the story.  Former Yankee Alex Rodriguez was in the booth for the first time last night...and the Internet caught some strange scribblings in A-Rod's "game notes."  

Now, we don't want to meddle in A-Rod's personal life.......oh, who are we kidding.....we LOVE meddling in A-Rod's personal life.....and we feel that these "notes" could be the inner-workings of A-Rod's brain with regards to his new gal-pal, Jennifer Lopez.

Apparently, according to sources, J-Lo is infatuated with A-Rod...and even talking marriage (and possibly kids) with him.  Take a look!

A-Rod's T.V. career is off to quite the start.  This makes us want to look at that video again of Alex breaking a screen on set.

Oh, A-Rod.....will you ever win?!

- East Side Dave