Rock Madness 2017

It's time to vote for the best rock band in 2017!

We're stoked to present this year's WRAT Rock Madness competition!

As the jocks play their basketball, the rockers will decide who the best rock band is.  Every year, it's a fun and fantastic battle.

The battles are on! Make sure you come back each hour to vote for your favorite bands.

YOU have narrowed it down to the Top 16 Bands~

How are you doing on your brackets??  

The battles keep coming down to the wire, so make sure to come back on Wednesday 3/29 to cast your vote for the Best Rock Band of 2017!


CLICK HERE to see the winners of each round.

We'll be updating the brackets after each battle.

Join The Rat for the ROCK MADNESS Final Party!
Thursday April 6th from 6-8pm at Clancy's Tavern (25 S. Main Street, Neptune, NJ)

We will be partying and playing the music of the ROCK MADNESS WINNER and of course enjoying some Cutty Sark!  This Party is powered by Cutty Sark

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