Dave's Top 5 Eddie Van Halen Riffs!

Today is Eddie Van Halen's 61st birthday (Happy Birthday, Eddie), and to celebrate we've decided to put together Mr. Van Halen's Top 5 Guitar Riffs Of All Time!  Jump!

 - East Side Dave
5.) "Little Guitars"

It's incredible that one guitarist can come up with so many sounds.  "Little Guitars" rules, as does Eddie V.H.


4.) "Beat It"

Every list has its controversial entry!  And Michael Jackson's "Beat It" is ours!  Hey, before you throw old fruit at us, who can argue that this is an iconic song with an absolutely legendary riff and phenomenal playing throughout the track!  Thus, it makes it on the list!


3.) "Hot For Teacher"

This song shows just how dominant he is.  The guitar-work is utterly insane...this is Eddie in peak form.


2.) "Jamie's Crying"

Eddie actually uses this iconic riff as a backing vocal and, goodness gracious, it ROCKS.


1.) "Eruption"

This is Eddie pulling out many of his amazing, guitar-virtuoso maneuvers.  Ridiculous.