Jersey Rock Band of the Week: Like-Minded

Cait Darcy - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Nicholas Hertzberg - Lead Guitar
Ryan Mortola - Drums

Where you can see them live next: January 14th @ Friendship Mountain, Egg Harbor Twp. NJ

This week on Jersey Rock get to know Like-Minded from Ocean County, NJ. In October 2014 Cait Darcy, a folk inspired solo artist, teamed up with Nicholas Hertzberg, Ryan Mortola and Paul Lewis and took their influences of punk, folk and blues to form Like-Minded. Since then, Paul has taken on other music projects and Like-Minded currently plays as a trio with Cait, Nicholas and Ryan. Just in time to kick off the New Year, Like-Minded will debut their self-titled digital album on January 1st via their bandcamp page.

Tune in this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night at 11:30 as we debut a different track off their album and grab your free music download from Like-Minded here.