Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Happy Birthday, James Hetfield!

Today is James Hetfield’s birthday. The legendary Metallica frontman has been quite busy these past few years, making stops at tons of major festivals. In honor of the rock god’s birthday, here are some of Hetfield and company’s best recent concert clips.


Rock in Rio USA - Las Vegas, NV - May 9, 2015:  Here’s the full concert from their Rock in Rio performance. Metallica headlined the star-studded event that also included Linkin Park, Rise Against, and other pop performers such as Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift.


X Games - Austin, TX - June 6, 2015:  The “metal militia” took their talents to the Lone Star State for a special performance at the X Games. Their shortened set included almost all the hits and a few oldies.


BlizzCon - Anaheim, CA - November 8, 2014:  Not exactly the place you’d expect a rock band to show up, but then again Metallica isn’t your average rock band.  BlizzCon is a convention for World of Warcraft players and fans alike to gather for two days.


Freeze ‘Em All - Antarctica - December 23, 2013:  This appropriately named this concert gave Metallica the distinction as the only band to ever play on all seven continents in one year. I think I see some penguins headbanging in the background. How could they have not played “Trapped Under Ice” from Ride the Lightning????


Rock am Ring - Germany - August 6, 2014:  Age is just a number, and Metallica is living proof. Just watch these fifty-somethings blast the crazy fast opener “Battery.” Most twenty-somethings can’t even do that.


Orion Music + More Festival - Belle Isle, MI - June 8, 2013:  This was pretty awesome. At their own festival, they put a fake band on the bill, then proceeded to play Kill ‘Em All in its entirety as “Dehaan,” a little known band from Baltimore.




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