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Is Nothing Sacred? Kermit & Piggy Break Up!

What does it say about society specifically and America as a whole when our greatest, celebrity, power couple can't keep it together?  Indeed, Miss Piggy released a statement yesterday (yes, I follow Miss Piggy on Twitter) that she and "Kermy" are going their separate ways.  If Gonzo breaks up with his chickens, I'm calling it…

Faces Reuniting For Charity Show

After many teases the past few years, The Faces will be reuniting and for a good cause. Per Rod Stewart’s official website, the surviving members of The Faces, which include Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones, will perform together on September 5th at the Rock ‘n’ Horsepower charity concert in Ewhurst, England, which will benefit Prostate…

The New Star Wars Video Game Looks Amazing!

Let's face it...whether you like it or not, we are in a new golden age for Star Wars and all of its galactic products.  Yes, we'll probably get some silly fast food toys, but we'll also be receiving THIS...Star Wars Battlefront.  Check out the trailer. - Dave